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Black Forest Hall Stand

£9,750.00 Approx $11832.52, €10655.74

Code: 0018

Dimensions:W: 90cm (35.4")H: 230cm (90.6")

A Fantastic late 19th century Linden Wood Black Forest Hall Stand, superbly carved with large bear beside the tree trunk, a cub at its feet, oval mirror with another cub in the branches. All have glass eyes and are realistically carved. The large bear has open mouth with carved teeth and red painted tongue and black painted snout.

The mirror is a little loose and at some time has been re-fixed in slightly the wrong position. Whoever fixed this screwed through to the front and i have taken an image of this (pale wood). It would be simple to sort this out.

Otherwise the piece is in great condition commensurate with its age which is circa 1890